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Holiday In Italy - Where To Go?

TheCrow nuotrauka TheCrow 16 liep. 2014

Hello guys!

We have an interesting plan for holiday this season. I am planning to go to Italy with my wife. We are planning to stay in Italy about 15-20 days. However my wife doesn't want to visit Italy with a tour since it will be a long holiday. Heh. I believe it will be a little bit interesting for me. Do you have any suggestion for us? Where to go in Italy? (Which cities, towns, etc) Restaurant, cafe, bar suggestions for cities? Besides I love historical places and extinct cities. I believe there must be many historical places of Italy. Any kind of help will be appreciated! Thanks!

Sigmundflower nuotrauka Sigmundflower 21 liep. 2014

Hi TheCrow...sure ROMA, RIETI, FIRENZE, SIENA, PISA....:)