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Parašė 13 gegužės 2010 - 14:09

National gathering festival "This is Lithuania"

May 15-16th in Rumšiškės, The Open Air Museum of Lithuania

Traditional Lithuanian May feasts, covered with many traditions and folk stories, were associated not only with outdoor entertainments, but also with the unity of different nations and philosophies. In order to save this unity and harmony in people's eyes and hearts nowadays, a festival for the whole family is going to take place in a story-covered Open Air Museum of Lithuania on May 15-16th - "This is Lithuania" 2010.

Vision of the festival

National gathering festival "This is Lithuania" is the biggest festival in the country for the whole family, which rallies and unites Lithuanian people, allows them to touch the national heritage roots, gives a possibility to spend time merrily, purposefully and usefully.

This event's main value is family, it helps raise a new, socially responsible and educated generation. Throughout the festival every family's member will find themselves the best place to become acquainted with Lithuanian folk culture, traditions and customs. The little ones as well as the grown-ups will have a chance to remember dances, cheerful games and songs. Artisan fair visitors will be able to acquire unique Lithuanian products, and Farmer's market visitors - healthy Lithuanian products. An impressive music world stars concert will take place n the evening.

Main accents of the festival:

•Folk dance and song ensemble performances and artisan fairs in homesteads of Žemaitija, Suvalkija, Aukštaitija and Dzūkija;
•Shooting of the final LTV (Lithuanian TV) show's „Duokim garo"/"Let's make steam" (eng.) concert in the borough of museum;
•Legendary Lithuanian musical bands and artists - Live!;
•Open-air Lithuanian grill championship;
•Strongman championship;
•Lithuanian woodcutter championship ;
•Family football tournament ;

Special spaces:

•Traditional and modern game, fight and amusement field;
•Medieval camp;
•Kite field;
•Bathhouse-lover field;
•Special space for children;
•Scout camp;
•EKO (farmer's) market;
•Mini zoo park;
•Tent and camper-car night camping.

Other events:

•Medieval knight tournament;
•Sunday Mass in the borough of museum;
•Old-fashioned car show („beetles", „Soviet time" vehicles, „retro" cars);
•Dog-training show;
•Street musicians performances;
•and many more other entertaining activities for the whole family.

Planned scale of the event:

•2 days;
•7 stages;
•30 musical groups and performers;
•3000 participants (artisans, dancers, singers);
•200 traders.

Festival map

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